Hi dear fellows!! This is the format for you to analyse the film Anne of the Thousand Days. What you should do is to answer the questions in the blog -if you want in couples -. You have until next Saturday to do it.

Title of the film:

Film director:

Actors/ actresses:

Type of film:

Summary & Analysis: write a summary of the film including main/ important characters, major events, central conflicts, and resolution of these conflicts.

Relation to historical event: Explain how the film deals with the historical event portraying.

Reaction to the film: Explain your reaction to the film. Did you like it or dislike? Why will you remember it or why no? How did it help you better understand the topic under study?

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  1. Teacher, I have a great doubt, the movie we saw in class was "ANNE OF THE THOUSAND DAYS", and not Anne of the hundred years. it´s a new movie?

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