By Sandra Edith Estrada and Norelsy Pulgarín

Title of the film: Anne of the Thousand Days

Film director: Charles Jarrott

Actors/ actresses:
Richard Burton in the role of Henry VIII
Genevieve Bujold as Anne Boleyn
Irene Papas as Catherine of Aragon
Anthony Quayle in the role of Cardinal Wolsey
John Colicos as Thomas Cromwell
Michael Hordern as Sir Thomas Boleyn
Katharine Blake as Elizabeth Boleyn
Valerie Gearon as Mary Boleyn
Michael Johnson as George Boleyn

Type of film: This movie is a drama film

1. Summary & Analysis: write a summary of the film including main/ important characters, major events, central conflicts, and resolution of these conflicts.

The movie "Anne of the thousand days" describes different situations in the life of Anne Boleyn, second wife of Henry VIII, specially when she came to the English crown. Anne was an a ambitious person, because she wanted the power and for that reason she accepted to married with Henry VIII, but Henry was married to Catherine of Aragon, however, this did not prevent him to break with the Catholic Church and achieve what he wanted.

All characters are important in the story, because all have characteristics that help to develop and complement the film, for example: Anne and Henry VIII were the principal characters of the movie but Thomas Cromwell was very important because he influenced to Henry VIII in all decisions of the Roman Catholic Church.

Ana became a fad for the king, who wanted an heir to the throne and he believed she could give him, but Anne could not accomplish the wishes of Henry and gave birth to a girl named Elizabeth. The king was very unhappy with the situation, so accuses Anne of adultery, then was brought to court and was beheaded. All these events had happened to Anne Boleyn during the thousand days that she was living with the king Henry VIII.

2. Relation to historical event: Explain how the film deals with the historical event portraying.

We believe that the film clearly represents the historical events of the life of the British monarchy. According to historical records, the characters represented the reality in that moment of the English crown.

3. Reaction to the film: Explain your reaction to the film. Did you like it or dislike? Why will you remember it or why no? How did it help you better understand the topic under study?

We really liked the movie, was very interesting because we learned about history of English royalty. We remember specially the character of Anne Boleyn because was very stronger, the actress had an excellent interpretation.
We think with this film can understand the topic, because learning is easier when you know the story.

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