anna of 1000 days

Title of the film: Anne of the Thousand Days
Film director: Charles Jarrott
Actors/ actresses:
Queen Catherine of Aragon is Irene Papas
King Henry VIII is Richard Burton
Thomas Cromwell is John Colicos
Thomas Boleyn is Michael Hordern
Queen Anne Boleyn Genevieve Bujold
Thomas Wolsey is Anthony Quayle as cardinal
Thomas wolsey is Anthony Quayle
Elizabeth Howard is Katharine Blake
Type of film : dramatic film

1. Summary
The film covers major events and figures from the early Tudor age, including Henry's controversial divorce from Catherine of Aragon, the rise and fall of Cardinal Wolsey, the courageous ethical stance taken by Sir Thomas More in opposing the will of the king, and the unscrupulous Thomas Boleyn, who played the role of pimp and go-between in the trysts with his daughters and the king.

The history also, the film shows the ambition of a king hit bottom for trying to have a son as heir to the throne, and anna's history begins in a dance of the court, where King Henry VIII is dazzled by the beauty of anna and without interest that is committed to looking at all costs approach her. The King achieved thanks to its power of the king and offers him a son and taht marry him.

Then the king in his eagerness to have a man child, pregnant Anna, but with such bad luck Anna gives birth to a beautiful daughter, Princess Elizabeth.Henry upset makes life miserable for anna and try to get rid of it and takes in another court ball to find a maiden Lady Jane Seymour and spends virtually the same as the beginning, the king intends to have a man child, ana the view this situation prohibits the King be with Jane.

Thus Anna Henry faces after being found guilty of treason, adultery and incest and is imprisoned in the Tower of London, for so the king be able to get rid of anna.

At the end Anna does not accept any of the charges and the king tells them to separate and to say that her daughter has no right to the throne but she refuses and pays for everything with his death.

2. The film shows how the power of a king in the time allowed passing over anyone regardless of who was, in order to get desired.

3. I liked the movie, it tells us more about the history of the kings of England at that time, I did not like was the abuse of power that the king had to do things at will.

By Andrés Felipe Uribe A.

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