Anne of the Thousand Days by César Arbeláez

Title of the film: Anne of the Thousand Days

Film director: Charles Jarrott

Actors/ actresses:

Richard Burton / King Henry VIII

Geneviève Bujold / Anne Boleyn

Irene Papas / Queen Katherine of Aragon

Anthony Quayle / Cardinal Wolsey

John Colicos / Thomas Cromwell

Michael Hordern / Count Thomas Boleyn

Katharine Blake / Elizabeth Boleyn

Valerie Gearon / Mary Boleyn

Michael Johnson / George Boleyn

Peter Jeffrey / Duke of Norfolk

Joseph O'Conor / Bishop Fisher

William Squire / Thomas More

Type of film: Historical

The movie Anne of the Thousand Days it takes up the historical moment of love life and the reign of Henry VIII in England. The film is a young king with a wife more to it than men can not give children that they can continue their reign. Then, Henry meets Anne Boleyn, a beautiful young, Henry drags along the roads of desperation in seeking a legal union of marriage but without being able to separate from his present wife.

Through this process, Henry VIII made a breach between the crown and the church. So in that rupture the Anglican Church is born and begins the affair with Anne Boleyn. However, the frustration of the King appears again when instead of a boy born a girl, Elizabeth.

After several attempts Henry don’t have a son and is driven by despair and sponsors a plot against Anne Boleyn of adultery and sentenced for treason and is beheaded. When Anne Boleyn is beheaded ends the story of his suffering that love a thousand days.

Through the relationship with Henry VIII and Anne Boleynn is possible to understand the creation of the Anglican church. The church laws prohibiting union and break the first change in the laws and the belief in another church.

For me it is fantastic. I like the costumes, music, elegance. Pelícukla is also the historical material and helps to understand the evolution of English society, changing the laws and customs. The story told through educational materials to help understand more.

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