Anne of the Thousand Days

Film director: Charles Jarrott
Actors/ actresses:
Richard Burton as King Henry VIII
Geneviève Bujold as Queen Anne Boleyn
Irene Papas as Queen Catherine of Aragon
Anthony Quayle as Cardinal Thomas Wolsey
John Colicos as Thomas Cromwell
Michael Hordern as Thomas Boleyn
Type of film: Dramatic

Summary & Analysis
Henry VIII had a lot of women, one of them was Anne Boleyn, a young woman from scorn and greed of the king falls, still married to Queen Catherine of Aragon, and demands to be with him not being another from the long list but being his wife. This determination makes Henry VIII fell in love with her and divorce from Catherine of Aragon to become her in his new queen. After separating not only Catherine but also of the Catholic Church, the King Henry VIII marries Anna Boleyn and he hopes a good marriage and had her first son.
The plot of the story changes completely to Elizabeth, only daughter of Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn, because the great hope of the king was a son, an heir, but the couple had a girl. For this, the marriage begins to fall, because this was a big disappointment for the King. Henry VIII knew a new girl, a pretty woman who was called James Seymour with the time she was the third Henry’s VIII wife.
Anne Boleyn decided not to divorce from the King causing for her a lot of problems, she was accused of incest and infidelity and she was decapitated by order of the royal court and the King, not without professing how great it would be his daughter.

2. The film makes a connection to an age that was framed on religion and new ways of thinking.
3. The movie also have a simple story that explains the life of this queen, makes it more entertaining for the audience. In our case it was a way of understanding some of the most important chapters of the Tudors´House.

Por Lorein Patiño y Julieth Marín

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