Anne of the Thousand Days

Title of the film: Anne of the Thousand Days
Film director: Charles Jarrott
Actors/ actresses:
Thomas wolsey: Anthony Quayle
Thomas Cromwel : John Colicos
King Henry VIII :Richard Burton
Queen Anne Boleyn :Genevieve Bujold
Thomas Boleyn : Michael Hordern
Queen Catherine of Aragon: Irene Papas
Thomas Wolsey: Anthony Quayle
Elizabeth Howard: Katharine Blake

Type of film: historical and dramatic

Anne of the Thousand Days is a British movie that describes the history of the king enrique VIII who more than the love to a woman was obsessed for having a son who would be his inheritor at the moment of his death. His first one and legitimately wife was Catalina of Aragon who a daughter gave to him your first disappointment, I get divorced from catalina to marry Anne Boleyn, entrusted that your second wife would give him the son who so much wanted.

Anne Boleyn was a woman that not only I inspire love of Enrique VIII, it was ambitious and a wanted have power. The love through that they lived was very strong and intense of his relation, Anne I remain a pregnant woman the king it she was waiting that this time if he was a man but it she was not like that a woman was born done that I dislike it but anne did everything possible for supporting it to his side. Years later anne I stay for the second pregnant time it had the hope that this time was a man and worse dead child was born, After the king to see that she was not giving him the son who wanted they began the problems of his marriage. In this epoch it knew another woman with the one that one started insisting and anne I go on to a background. Enrique was a man that towards what out for having the reason and being able to do what wanted for it I stop him to go for a conspiracy that was done against anne they him were accusing her of being an unfaithful person and this one was the reason for which his husband I sign the order for his your decapitation and a woman followed(continued) in search of having that if there was giving him the son male who wanted.

The facts represented in this film show us royal events lived in the epoch of the British monarchy.

The movie I like because it was very clear and it is a way very didactic and easy toinclude the history, I think that this type of movies must see more consecutive, in conclusion it served me to take more interest as this topic.

By Lina Marcela Mira

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