Anne of the Thousand Days by Katherine and Juan Pablo


Katherine Gil Mazo
Juan Pablo Giraldo

Title of the film:
Anne of the Thousand Days

Film director:
Charles Jarrott

Actors/ actresses
Richard Burton as King Henry VIII
Geneviève Bujold as Anne Boleyn
Irene Papas as Queen Catherine of Aragon
Anthony Quayle as Cardinal Thomas Wolsey
John Colicos as Thomas Cromwell
Michael Hordern as Thomas Boleyn
Katharine Blake as Elizabeth Howard.

Type of film:
Drama and history

1.Summary & Analysis:

This film is a part of the history of England through its two protagonists Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII begins as a story ends, an ambitious king in search of the woman who would give him a son and a woman who died unjustly at the hands of her own husband, whom ambition eventually become a hated figure, a king who step over religion, people and of his wife.

The story begins to run in the reign of Henry married his second wife Anne Boleyn and then do a flashback and forward them to the beginnings of when Henry married his first wife Anne Boleyn meets and begins a relentless conquest, which leads to fight for many years for the love of Anna Boleyn who falls in love with him.

At the beginins, the beautiful Anne Boleyn is a girl that wasn´t interested for Henry VIII, he was a king and he was married with Catherine of Aragon but, he fell in love of Anne and he did as muc as possible to divorce Catherine, who was a princess of Spain.

When Anne Boylein accept te King’s approach, seduced by the power. After Henry VIII was expected for a son, but Anne Boleyn could’n did it, fisrt she bore a daughter Princess Elizabeth, after had a son but he died and Henry VIII didn´t accept it.

Henry dismissed to Cardenal Wolsey, who helped him to divorce of Catalina of Aragón and Thomas Cromwell his new minister found the way of Henry got rid of Anne: Infidelity. Henry wonts got married with Jane Seymour , one of Anne’s maids and Anne was was headed but her daughter Elizabeth, will be England Queen.

2.Relation to historical event:

The movie is a sample one stage of Tudors dynasty, Henry VIII was the successor of Henry VII, with him The Tudor’s control began. In the movie are showing many problems that Henry had with the Religion, assistants and people he has a problem with Thomas More, one of the Cancellors with refused to attend the coronation of Anne Boleyn, because he didn´accept tha Henry divorce of Catalina of Aragon because he was interested in a beautiful young woman only she could give a son. Thomas More and others assistants was headed because Anne Boleyn requested it to Henry

3.Reaction to the film:

We really liked the movie because it showed the true story behind a king, a king who was shown in its most human, with a constant obsession to get a son to continue his legacy, the subjugation of the English woman and a woman that broke with the attitude that women should show against the kings of the time, a woman who never remained silent even when her husband sought to remove all the methods of his way, an obsession that ended with a long history of love and hate.

Finally, the death of a woman who fought to preserve the rights of women and her daughter, a woman used and then discarded.

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