Anne of the thousand days

By Gloria Lucía Correa López

Title of the film: Anne of the Thousand Days
Film director: Charles Jarrott
Actors/ actresses: Henry VIII, Catalina of Aragon, Anne Boleyn, Thomas Wolsey, Maria Bolena, Jane Seymour, Lady Mary, Thomas Cromwell, Elizabeth Boleyn, Mary and George Boleyn, Duke of Norfolk, Thomas More, etc.
Type of film: Drama and history
Summary & Analysis: Anne of the Thousand Days is a movie that explain how was the life of Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII during the fourteenth century, an age where the power of the men was on the rights of women.

This movie is important to explain as Anne Boleyn becomes the protagonist of the story when you try on to your rights and your child to anyone else who wants to interfere with your life and love she felt for her husband.

Among the most important scenes could be describe those in which Anne is giving birth to their children and each one is born dies. These scenes are shocking because they reflect a woman's pain that the social pressure is to be subjected to any situation.

Relation to historical event: In the movie Anne of the Thousand Days, the director present the history of the Tudor House from King Henry VIII, who married Catherine of Aragon after the widowed, who also announced his desire to divorce after failing to take a son with her. However, the real reason that we want to separate is because he met to Anne Boleyn. A young woman who can satisfy your desires. Henry appoints to Thomas Wolsey to process the divorce in Rome and get marry with Ana.

Over the years, Henry manages to legitimize his union with Anne Boleyn and she is crowned, but hated by the people who did not accept with a queen and ends up being beheaded as consequence of Henry's intentions to get rid of his wife and marry another woman.

Reaction to the film: I liked this movie because it helped me understand how power act in the fourteenth century, determined by the absolute monarchy.

The idea most important, for me, is that the film exposes all the cultural concept that was driving, from fashion to the way people are connected with others.

I could not very well defined how can better understand the topic, but I think that the movie completely exposed conditions historical, social, political and economic age.

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