Film analysis

By Yesenia Orozco Hurtado

Title of the film:

Anne of the Thousand Days

Film director:

Charles Jarrott

Actors/ actresses:

  • Richard Burton as King Henry VIII
  • Geneviève Bujold as Queen Anne Boleyn
  • Irene Papas as Queen Catherine of Aragon
  • Anthony Quayle as Cardinal Thomas Wolsey
  • John Colicos as Thomas Cromwell
  • Michael Hordern as Thomas Boleyn
  • Katharine Blake and Elizabeth Howard

Type of film:


Summary & Analysis:

The film is the story of Queen Anne Boleyn; a woman who changed her life when decides that she wants the power over England.

The story begins from the displeasure of King Henry VIII with his wife Catherine of Aragon because she could not give him a male son that inherited his throne.

Anne was engaged to the son of the Earl of Northumberland, but when King Henry VIII met Anne falls in love for she and he ordered to break the commitment. After many petitions, Henry proposed to Anne marriage because he wanted a male son of she and Anne accepts because she wanted to have the queen power.

Months later, Anne gives birth to a daughter: Princess Elizabeth. Henry is disgusted because he was expecting a boy and he decided to divorce. Anne doesn´t accept the divorce and Henry made a plan for get rid of she. Anne was accused of adultery and finally beheaded.

Relation to historical event:

Although it´s a movie, the facts are based on reality and contain different real aspect of the life of Anne Boleyn, King Henry VIII and others around them. An important aspect is that movie sample the Anne personality, the things that she got in her life and the management that she gave to power.

Also in the film you can see a good representation about the monarchical system because of the scenery, costumes and dialogues.

Reaction to the film:

I liked very much this film, I consider that is striking as Anne changed the plans her life for take the power. Thanks to the film I could better understand the history because it´s more didactic and one can associate the characters.

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