Title of the film: Anne of the Thousand Days
Film director: Charles Jarrott
Actors/ actresses:
Queen Catherine of Aragon is Irene Papas
King Henry VIII is Richard Burton
Thomas Cromwell is John Colicos
Thomas Boleyn is Michael Hordern
Queen Anne Boleyn Genevieve Bujold
Thomas Wolsey is Anthony Quayle as cardinal
Thomas wolsey is Anthony Quayle
Elizabeth Howard is Katharine Blake
Type of film : dramatic film

1. Summary
The story of Anne Boleyn was wrote with lies, blood and love. The ambition for the power of Anne made her Queen of England when she was engaged with the son of the Earl of Northumberland. In these days Henry VIII of England who was in love of Anne, destroyed the relationship between the engaged couple and proposed married to Boleyn.

His husband the king Henry VIII was married with Catherine of Aragon when decided flirt with Anne and made her the new Queen of England. Years later the royal couple has a child called Elizabeth, but his father was disappointment with the birth of his new little daughter, because he wanted a boy. For this reason the couple tries to have another son, but she had an abortion.

After This situation, Henry VIII decided search another wife to give the boy to replaced Henry in the crown when he died. Anne started a big conflict for the new actitude of the Tudor King, and Boleyn defended the idea that her daughter could be the successor of the King in the future. But she died tryed

2. The movie reports the historical events that preceded the change in the history of England

3.I liked a lot the movie, special the customs of the actors are Beautiful and the performance of Geneviève Bujold in the role of Anne Boleyn is terrific, also I like the part when the king Henry promised eternal love to Anne.

I remember this movie because the story was a representative for the repression against the woman in this time.

The movie was an important to understand the story of England because explains some parts of the Tudors Monarchy in the power.

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