Title of the film: Anne of the 1000 Days

Film director:Charles Jarrott
By Ana Cecilia Cartagena and Angela Velez
Actors/ actresses:
Richard Burton as King Henry VIII
Geneviève Bujold as Queen Anne Boleyn
Irene Papas as Queen Catherine of Aragon
Anthony Quayle as Cardinal Thomas Wolsey
John Colicos as Thomas Cromwell
Michael Hordern as Thomas Boleyn
Katharine Blake and Elizabeth Howard
Type of film: Dramatic

Analysis and summary

This movie begins with the signing of Henry VIII to execute the persons most related to him including his second wife Ann Bolyen.

Also this king had a terrible obsession to conceive a son male and having to see that his wife only had generated women, he looks for an opportunity with Ann Boleyn to obtain the intention of a male son, Henry VIII begins to fill Ann Boleyn with gifts , separatinf from his fiancé to achieve the intention of conquering her sister, but he didnt imagine that she was a very crafty and intelligent woman and able to give him the son he wanted; if it began to do orders that put in danger the religious credence of England since the catholic church was not allowing a separation. Henry VIII did to the impossible thing so that these laws were always changing in favor of Ann Boleyn and the achievement to impose another religion that was allowing this type of events.

Henry VIII manages to separate frpm his first wife and marry Ann Boleyn who remained a pregnant woman but for his misfortune she had a girl who did not look with taste by the king, they realized the second attempt to generate a male son which achievement to conceive but unfortunately he died, which made unacceptable the incapability of his second wife to generate a male, and thats where another moment of the history begins. The caprice of this king, Elizabeth Howard to whom a son manages to be given but takes to the death his second wife who is sentenced for betraying the king with his brother accusing her of incest and leading her to be decapitated.

2. The movie narrates the historical event of the reign of Henry VIII, where a good-looking king gets obsessed for a male son to assure the throne and since his obsecion of being with Ann Boleyn transfigures the ethical moral, religious and political thought of a country.

3. This movie was key to understand the history of England. It is also a good movie that adheres to the history without taking preferences to the characteres as other versions of movies as example The other Boleyn girls, of the director Justin Chadwick.
We will remember this movie, first for the taste to the history of England, second for the history of Henry VIII as he steps over a country to obtain his interests and since Ann Bolena a woman of strong character manages to be a queen of England is a mother of the queen most warlike and more wanted by the people of England
and finally the most important event that marked and changed the history of England the break-age with the catholic church and the creation of a new church.

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